FS22 FENDT 700 VARIO GEN6 V1.0.2.0

Fendt Vario 700 Gen6

– added SimpleIC via Configuration
– fixed several visual bugs

– added configurations (Edition, Front Parts, Beacon Lights, further Edition, Mirrors)
– fixed several visual bugs
– added new model for hoodsecure
– added new hubs
– added foldable beacon lights
– added foldable warning signs

The Fendt 700 Vario Gen6 is the latest middle class tractor Fendt offers. In comparison to the last generation of Fendt 700 Vario tractors,
the new Fendt ONE cabin offers a much better overview over controls and the operating stats of the machines.

Power: 144-246hp
Price: 162.000€

Engine configuration:
– Fendt Vario 714
– Fendt Vario 716
– Fendt Vario 718
– Fendt Vario 720
– Fendt Vario 722
– Fendt Vario 724

Other configurations:
– Edition (Power, PowerPlus, ProfiPlus)
– Front Parts
– Beacon Lights
– Front Fenders
– further Edition (Design Line)
– Mirrors

– This Tractor is prepared with SimpleIC to open the door, back window and roof window, as well as to fold the beacon lights and warning signs.
– This tractor is prepared with Mouse Control to open the door, back window and roof window.
– The warning signs are foldable with the X key.


DOWNLOAD FS22_Fendt700Vario.zip – 23.8 MB

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