FS22 FENDT 700/800 TMS V1.4.0.0

Version 1.4:

– Speed of the real Adapted (55 Km/h)

– Added Fendt 700 Com 2 (712,714,716)

– Added MX front loader console

I hereby make my Fendt’s available to you.

These are the following:

Fendt 800 TMS (incl. Com2)

Fendt 700 TMS (incl. Com2)

Fendt 700 favorite

Quicke, Hauer, MX and Fendt front loader consoles are installed.

The mod is completely log error free.

I ask that you send me any bugs,

so I can fix this.

XX_Malle_XX – Ls17 Modell
Cayman718 – Konvertierung LS19
Gamer8250 – Reifendruckregelanlage (derzeit nur Optisch!)
WhyLineZ – Konvertierung LS22
BayernAgrar – Fendt Cargo Konsole

DOWNLOAD Fs22_Fendt700_800TMS.zip – 68.0 MB

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