Mod Pack 2.2
– Pigsty now has room for 1000 pigs
– Deichschafe now has room for 600 sheep
– Well name fixed

Mod Pack 2.1
– Chicken coops now also accept straw and then produce manure
– Sheep stables now also accept straw and then produce manure
– New small placeable manure pile
– Doormat to place with
– French translation added
– Performance improvement ball bearings


Mod Pack 1.9.3
– Slurry capacity at the pigsty and cowshed increased
– Corrected the total volume of the ball storage
– Manure heap extension ground fix thanks to Achimobil

better late than never.
This is now my FED Mod Pack.
The package is a summary of all placeable mods from me.
The Fed Mods package currently consists of
6 multi silos with bale reception + 4 extension silos
Lime station for purchasing and storing lime, e.g. at the farm
Plant protection station for purchasing and storing herbicides, e.g. on the farm
Direct sale of wood for the simple sale of logs
More mods will follow in the next weeks/months.

Idee / Konzept: FedAction

DOWNLOAD FS22_Fed_Mods_Pack.zip – 87.7 MB

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