Bugfixes & Changes
Improved quality with FidelityFX Super Resolution 2
Fixed display of driving direction while manual shifting is enabled
Fixed John Deere 7R crop destruction at Trelleborg careWheel config
PS4 only: Fixed support for Logitech wheels
Visual fixes for CLAAS XERION 5000
Visual fixes for CLAAS AXION 800
Visual fixes for CLAAS LINER 4900 BUSINESS
Visual fixes for Vervaet HydroTrike
Visual fixes for MAN TGS and TGS trucks
Fixed schema for MAN TGX 26.640
Updated Valtra brand logo
Updated lights on Valtra G Series

New vehicles
Valtra A Series
Valtra N Series
Valtra T Series
Valtra Q Series

As with all major updates to Farming Simulator, you may experience stuttering on the first game launch after the update when using mods or custom graphics settings due to shaders being recompiled.

Bugfixes & Changes
Win/MacOs: Fixed error message ‘Custom shader hash collision’ when using multiple mods with their own custom shaders

Bugfixes & Changes
Adjusted displayed working width of Grimme Evo 290 and Ropa Keiler 2
Increased Grimme Evo 290 capacity to 12m³
Fixed & improved mission availability
Fixed bunker position of Grimme Evo 290 in work mode
Improved interior coloring on John Deere vehicles
Fixed attacher joint on Quicke Q3M
Fixed yield increase on forage harvesters with silage additives
Lime heaps tipped onto the ground can now be steeper
Fixed license plate light visibility while no license plate has been configured on some vehicles
Fixed AI with turned cabin on Claas Xerion 5000
Fixed Xerion configuration in baling contracts

New additions
Claas Liner 4900 Business
Claas Xerion 5000 Anniversary Edition
Fendt / Massey Ferguson IDEAL MY23 Updates

Modding changes
Added DIFFERENTIAL_SPEED sound modifier
Fixed crawler translation offset xml attribute
Added ‘useRandomYRot’ xml attribute for greenhouse plants
Fixed loading of map hotspots with localized titles

Known issues
Demolish button not accessible with Controller / Keyboard.

Farming simulator

DOWNLOAD fs22.txt – 64 B

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