FS22 ELM CREEK EDIT 11/03/2022 BY STEVIE V1.0.0.7E

FS22 Elm Creek Edit By Stevie.
V1.0.0.7E. 11/03/2022.
The file is double packed, unzip find map zip inside and place that into your mods folder.
New game restart Not necessary.
There’s a floating power pole that will remain floating unless you restart but it’s very well hidden so like it says not necessary.
Ok so the changes and additions.
The cow barn bale trigger is now working, its moved to the far end of the barn and bale can be dropped inside at the office end or through the door if opened to the straw pen using a loader.
Herbicide production has been added to the refinery.
A new placeable custom horse pen has been added to the animals construction menu.
Buyable land has been expanded at the park and ride so more placeables can be placed on otherwise redundant land.
ModDesc and xml entries updated.
A placeable pallet storage warehouse has been added to the silo section of the construction menu.
Animal pen fences swapped at the farm.
Textures on a couple of animal pens changed.
Vehicle Shop spawn points changed around to create more room and more.
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DOWNLOAD ElmCreekEditByStevieV1007UNZIPME.zip – 651.1 MB

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