This mower is based on the BiG M 450 mower. The 450 is very expensive, 380,000 which is extortionate for just a mower. I have designed the 500 e with a cost of 220,000 – still exceedingly expensive, but 160K cheaper than the 450. The 500 boasts a fully electric engine with a capacity of 110KWh.

The sound is based on the electric tractor and is tailored to the speed it is travelling at. The 500 can hit a top speed of 65km/h – 40mph for our English and American friends.

Something else the 500 can do – it can tow and activate a small forage trailer available with the game itself! So, it can cut and collect – Just make sure it is in swath dropping mode. Need hay or silage instead of grass? Download my free cut processor mod. Remember, for patreon patrons, the cut processor mod also turns wood chips to chaff to make silage!

I hope this mower helps. It is fully compatible with all chargers I have tried. Any issues, I am happy to help, please leave a comment/pm me. Please remember this took a LOT of coding to get it right with a number of failed attempts, so please enjoy!


DOWNLOAD FS22_ElectricMower.zip – 14.1 MB

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