FS22 DPW 1800 BALE AUTOLOAD V1.0.0.0

Price: €19,500
Category: Bale transport
Slots: 2
– Configuration Autoload or Standard
– 2 trailer versions to choose from: Easy with large bale trigger and Pro version, here the bales must be placed on the trailer. The autoload function must be configured. Important: The correct bale size must be selected!
– Autoload for round (125cm 20 bales, 150cm 24 bales, 180cm 20 bales) or square bales (180cm 30 bales, 220cm & 240cm 24 bales) (Thanks to TopAce888 for the approvals)
– Color choice for rims
– Choice of tires (Continental, Trelleborg, BKT (RedCat3D), Vredestein)
– Rotating beacon configurable
– Working light configurable
– New rear lights
– additional sounds when coupling / uncoupling

[Weekend Farmers] Amarok-10

DOWNLOAD FS22_DPW_1800_Autoload.zip – 4.1 MB

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