The Deutz 6.71/6.81 was produced from 1992 to 1997 (6.81 only from 1993)

Version 2.0
-Dashboard Live was installed! required mods VCA and DBL
-CCI Terminal (DBL) was installed! required mods DBL,VCA, GPS and Pro Seed
A neutral terminal is installed in which all displays are installed and can be called up by scrolling further!
-New sound installed
-IC sounds installed
-New gearbox installed
-ISARA sensors added
-Added forest cage color choice

The Deutz 6.71 has an MWM engine with a displacement of 6.2 liters and the 6.81 has an MWM engine with a displacement of 7.1 liters.
Both models have a Same gearbox with two groups and 9 powershift stages.

Configurations : – three engine variants 6.71/6.81/6.81 turned (power from 165 to 220 hp)
– Front attachment
– Front fender
– Rear fender
– 5 different front loader consoles
– Warning signs
– Forest frame
– 28 different tire variants (one with forest chains)

A note from my side about this mod!
This mod from the modder PUMA is the reason why I switched from the Playstation to the computer and therefore I would like to thank you for many hours in the LS with what I think is the most beautiful mod.
Unfortunately I could not contact the modder PUMA even after several attempts over the course of the last year!
Should this report to the uplaod from me and not agree, the mod will be removed immediately!
I will also only upload this here on Forbiddenmods !!!!
Therefore it is not allowed to upload it again on other portals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The originator of the mod (modder PUMA) allowed me to upload the mod afterwards!
The mod was revised by me again based on very constructive messages from the modder Puma!
I would also like to thank you very much for this !!!!!

Urmodder “PUMA”
GeneralX (Forstkäfig)
PeterAH (sound xml)
Akkerlüd Lance (sound)

DOWNLOAD FS22_Deutz_AgroStar_671.zip – 35.9 MB

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