Today I have for you the 4x Map Departement Haut Beyleron which means as much as district Haut Beyleron.

Changes for Update Beta ( version can be skipped! )
– missing language variable in the large furniture production added (available from version
– fixed missing collision in the big mill (available from version
– Wood production is now added to the map (available from version
-> Changes in the savegame necessary: no

Before I say one or the other to the map I would like to get rid of the urgent notice that it is a BETA and here and there not everything is ready. Due to the many requests, but I still decided to publish the map.

In the county of skin Beyleron there are more fields and also the one or the other Produnktion (there are not yet all implemented, you should still wait before you place your own). In total there are now 99 fields and some areas that can be bought and used as meadows or commercial areas. The map has a large main farm in the center of the map and more or less in the corners of each another standard farm but rather only in the MP are usable. There are 4 BGA’s and at the hardware store a 4x digester/grass dryer, but you will see that. Since there are 5 farms, the game modes don’t work and either way all the farm buildings are there. Currently, there is a large sheep pasture and cow pasture that always belong to the first farm (goes currently technically not otherwise, because on the map no scripts are installed).

Currently, there is the hardware store with fermenter / grass dryer, a large sugar factory, a large mill, a large bakery, a large oil mill, a food production and a jam factory. More will follow, and some buildings are already there. In the large productions there is also always an extra sales trigger with the production itself has nothing to do … well, you know, in a purchased production can sell just nothing more.

The 3 fields on the left in the north I have provided for grapes and right for olives. For this reason, there are also corresponding packaging productions that can of course also be used as a warehouse. You deliver grapes or olives each and can then drive them on pallet in the production or just sell.
The productions of the original map are still available.

Who has no desire by updates a new game to have to start, should download the map only if it is no longer a beta, otherwise hope you like the card so far and have fun.
On my Discort I have set up a bug report. Who finds what can report it there with pleasure and not grumble.

Ach yes, the autodrive courses there are coming days also still, I must change there once again what.

What do you need for the Kate?
– otherwise you can not make wood
– for sugar and flour transport
What do I recommend?
– for that the courses are run in

Here is my link to
– Discord:
– Facebook there I am live from Monday to Friday from 7.30 am

Of course the map must not be uploaded anywhere, if publish elsewhere, please always only with original link!



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