FS22 DAF XG+ V1.3.0.0

The DAF XG+ offers the versatility you are looking for in your job!

– Lift axle can now be adjusted with CTRL+Z
– Lift axle is now rigid when it is up
– Control for warning signs revised
– Reworked control for bumper
– Added hitch configuration
– Added color configuration for side mirrors
– Faucet now glows when the light is on
– Shop description revised
– Added DAF XG with Krone Profiliner body
– Lamp bar configuration extended
– New shop icons
– Added 6×4 chassis

Whether on the road or on rough terrain, with the DAF you are always in control.
With numerous configuration options, there is definitely something for everyone.

Price: €105,000 – €132,795
Max power: 530hp
Top speed: 83 km/h
Weight: 9.4t

– air suspension
– 100 colors for customization
– Numerous configurations
– Illuminated interior

Updates / Changelog

– Added BDF chassis
– Light cones now glow even with low graphics settings
– Added new color palette
– AttacherJoints schema revised
– Added mud flap configuration
– Turn signals are now animated in the dashboard
– Added blinker configuration
– Flags have been removed as this will result in the following message: Unpopulating
RenderTextureController as a RenderOverlay is in use by the GUI
– Added blind spot configuration
– Added warning sign configuration

– Added license plate configuration
– Fixed chassis designation
– Fixed daytime running lights
– Fixed static and dynamic indicators
– Added Simple IC (Simple IC is required!

Editing and uploading the mod to other sites is NOT allowed!!!
Model: BD_Modding, Giants, SCS, Sebastian7870
Texture: BD_Modding, Giants, SCS
Features: BD_Modding, Giants
Additional parts: MXND, BD_Modding, Giants
Scripts: Paint-a-Farm

DOWNLOAD FS22_DAF_XG.zip – 60.8 MB

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