Push Release
fixed a bug where combines called full unloaders.
threshold can now be lowered to 40% for auger wagons with a low max fill level when weight limit is enabled.
add option (keybind) for course editor to delete all waypoints untill the end.
fix for #2044
fix for #2045
fix for #2037
fix for #828 #1306 #2054
fix for #522 #2060
partial fix for #1949

Push Release
Added a simple collision avoidance for unloaders to not crash into the combine.
Added clear course and change course visibility action event
fix for #2003
Invalid characters for naming a course will be automatically changed to ‘_’
Prevent a callstack (for something with AutoDrive and Trains).
Auger wagon unload improvements.
Use the discharge node/target node distance for a more accurate pipe positioning, auger wagon pipe should not overshoot the target anymore, or if it does, it’ll back up a bit
If the unloader can’t discharge anymore into a trailer but has more than 10% fruit, it’ll look for another trailer, or another fill target of the same trailer. This should improve how long trailers with multiple fill nodes are handled. If no other trailer is found, it will get back to unload combines.
Once done with unloading, move ahead a bit so the pathfinder has a clear view when it needs to drive to the combine.
When the auger wagon is full and no trailer around, keep check for a trailer to unload to instead of turn off courseplay.
fix for #2012 *

*INFO about AutoDrive connection:
In one of the last releases, we had a bug that after AutoDrive comes back from unloading or refilling, it will always start at the 1st waypoint.
To fix this, we did some quick changes to it, which results in a different, but for us more clear use of how it works.
We know that we should have communicated that in a better way, that was our fault.
However, here is how it is designed now and tested and seems to work just fine:

If the CP course will be driven the 1st time, CP will now always start at the 1st WP when started by AutoDrive.
If the CP course was stopped at any WP or was started by hand at any point and stopped again, that WP will be the return point (last WP), also when start by AD again.
After a save restart and AD was still driving when restarted the savegame, the last WP for CP is saved and will be used when AD comes back to the field.

Courseplay release creator

DOWNLOAD FS22_Courseplay.zip – 2.8 MB

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