Push Release
Drive to fieldwork, unfold and lower implement just before the first or last waypoint #963
fixes #1148
fixes LUA Error #1149

Push Release
Only implements with ai marker or work area will be lowered/raised. #1047
Fixed setting input text bug. #983 and partly #1060
Fixed top/bottom page icon in then inGame menu.
Turn fixes for #1041
pathfinder turns with reverse will not
lower implements too early
pathfinder and analytic turns should start lowering
implements earlier to reduce waiting for lowering
at the start of the row
Added global user setting to disable cp action event texts.
Setting values are now saved, instead of the current ix.
(Should prevent similiar issues as #908 in the future.)
Added proximity sensors for combines.
Some debug refactoring
Course generator fix for #1086
The stone picker now works the same as the giants one after the 1.3 patch.
Stonepickers will now wait until it’s unloaded.
Automatic unloading also works now, similiar to the giants helper. (when you place a Trailer behind it)
TODO: Implement autodrive interface for unloading.
Fixes course rename bug. #1092
Dragging a rope behind the driver. (Convoy)*
Course generator code refactoring
Fix for #1102
Fix for #1124

*Convoy max distance caused more issues, then benefits.
So we decided to change the system again.
Now every vehicle with the same course name will watch out for the vehicle in front of it and keep it’s distance.
The distance is set to the highest value that any of those vehicles have.
Advantages: – You can drive any multitool course with only one vehicle.
– No more issues in turns or islands.
Disadvatage: – The vehicle at the front won’t wait any longer. (We have a plan, but that got to wait for now…)

Courseplay Team

DOWNLOAD FS22_Courseplay.zip – 1.2 MB

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