FS22 CLARKSON US 4X V2.0.0.0

Welcome to Clarkson!

– Street network was completely rebuilt
– New road network texture
– Added new traffic
– New plots available
– New PDA
– Added new fields
– New plantations installed
– Terrain has been adjusted
– Adjusted details and increased accuracy
– Added decorations
– Added buildable land in large field 1
– Field borders have been beautified
– Installed new dirt roads
– Added new objects
– Removed floating objects

The main focus of the map is on the large and wide fields in order to push the big machines to their limits, especially in multiplayer.
In order to make every player happy, the map has also been decorated with smaller to medium-sized fields. The map has 17 fields and nine large forest areas. There are also six ponds. Between the vivid and varied wooded areas and arable land, the cultivation of wine and olives in the farming simulator 2022 should not be missing. To harvest olives or grapes, 20 buyable plantations were created. In addition, four poplar plantations were established.
A large part of the production chains have also been integrated into the map. If this is not enough, there is enough space to place buildings yourself. Despite the size, great attention was paid to detail and accuracy to ensure the best possible gaming experience. The map is suitable for multiplayer and collectibles have been installed.


DOWNLOAD FS22_Clarkson.zip – 159.3 MB

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