FS22 CLAAS XERION 5500 V1.2.0.7

Here times the Claas Xerion 4500-5000 from the patch 1.4.

Added crawler white
(for the wise Chassic config)
Added front logo config
(Standard red and black possible)
Added roof logo config
(Standard red and now white and black possible)
Added new icon/shop image

Unfortunately, I can not release from the Ls19 because then I would like to provide you with the new one.
This is not yet final, can always come what to it.
What would be made:
Main color selectable
Roof color selectable
Weight color selectable
Smoke renewed
4500 and 5000 decals renewed
Xerion decals on roof renewed
Brake light fixed and adjusted
Chassic config installed
Speed changed to 80KmH
Trelleborg wide tires added
Michellin wide tires added
Michellin wide tires 2 added
Maintenance tires added
added twin maintenance tires
added new 5500 decals
added more motorconfig 5500 with 1000 hp
Now supports prescision farming DLC
RelDirt color added
Terra tires added
Rear suspension adjusted
New crawler installed which is usable with rimcolor and chassic function
weight slightly adjusted
adapted some XML entries
own store category
new store image


DOWNLOAD FS22_XERION_5000.zip – 31.6 MB

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