FS22 CLAAS JAGUAR 695 V1.0.0.0

For the 1987/88 season,
CLAAS introduced the JAGUAR 695 SL and MEGA series, self-propelled machines, as a new generation of high-performing forage harvesters.
The most striking feature of the new SL family was the cab, which offered an even more user-friendly environment for the driver.
The engines ranged from 235 kW (316 hp) to 305 kW (410 hp).
The new V cutting cylinders with their staggered bisected knives provided a more uniform forage crop flow and lower clamping forces in the accelerator.
To boost crop flow, the cylinder rotation speed and number of V cylinder knives were increased.
Other new features included harvesting attachments for whole plant silage and ground ear maize.

Jaguar 695:
Prise: 60 000 $
Engine configurations:
– 682 SL (316 HP)
– 695 SL (326 HP)
– 695 SL MEGA (342 HP)
– 695 SL MEGA + (410 HP) Tuned

– Wheels options
– Weight option +800KG
– silageAdditives option

Prise: 12000 $
Working width: 3.0m

6row corn header
Prise: 16000 $
Working width: 5.3m – 6rows


DOWNLOAD FS22_ClaasJaguar695sl.zip – 34.5 MB

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