FS22 CASE PUMA 165-175 CVX V1.0.0.1

This tractor travels at a speed of 63KM/H.
Has HP’s from 165 to 175. He has a max boost of 200HP.
Has the option to have black rims, gray rims, silver rims, special rims.
You can put a different color on it BV. plain red, metallic red, black, gray.
It can accommodate a weight carrier, but also a 3-point.
the interior can be red or black.
There are air horns on it, a Michelin doll, top lamps, curtains, a record with beautiful work on it, poppy.
Of course also stairs LEDs in red and of course not to forget LEDs on the back of the tractor at the top of the roof. And of course also on the mirrors.
Of course there is also a PTO underneath.
I have this tractor from standard to POOAAAHH!!! brought as you can see.


DOWNLOAD FS22_caseIHPuma175CVX_StageV.zip – 41.1 MB

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