FS22 CASE OPTUM V1.0.7.0

Case Optum Convert

Version 1.0.7
– original daytime running lights
– AM mascot (choice: yes / no)
– Roof rails with headlights
– New better reversing light
– Fixed transform group for license plate light
– Original Day driving light
– on masocts (yes / no)
– headlights
– new reverse lights
– transform group for license plate light now correct

Hello my love!
The Optum is finally here! AND Log error-free 😀

what was done
– Tire configs
– RUL configs
– Warning Signs Config
– Horn Configs
– Lightbar Configs
– Choice of color for the base, PTO shaft and rims
– Installed crop sensor for precision farming

Have fun with it! 🙂

Note for mods by AM Modding
– There are no plans to include opening doors, hatches, etc. in our mods.

Uploads are not allowed on other sites.
We will only upload this mod to our website and Forbidden Mods.
Everywhere else this mod is not from us and therefore there is no support for bugs!
Filebase – Anteri0r.tv


DOWNLOAD FS22_AM_CaseOptum.zip – 34.6 MB

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