The Cyclo planters were a series developed and first produced by International Harvester in the 80s, and was produced by Case International into the 90s.

V1.11 Small Update

Adjusted flashers

Fixed dirt maps on decals

V1.1 Quickfix

Fixed seed capacity for all fertilizer options

Fixed missing dirt map for turnlight and some decals

The technology is based on pressurizing the steel drums on the units. These steel drums are covered with little slots that have a hole in them. Air tries to escape through the holes, and by doing so pushes seeds into the slots. The seeds are then lifted up by the spinning drum, and released by a rubber wheel that blocks the holes and stops the air holding down the seeds from flowing . The seeds are then dropped into hoses that carry them to the planting units. The Cyclo series was not without flaws, but it was a pioneer in center fill planting technology.

I have converted this mod from 19 and made multiple improvements. I don’t think it’s perfect, but its much better than it has been. Credit of course to all the people that have worked on this before me: Oldiron1214, adub modding, and Steenkamp Modding. Also thanks to WadeMitch and JCL for the video and graphics. Please enjoy!


$45,000 price

120 HP Required

30ft/9m working width

7mph/11.7kmh working speed

Single tank, dual tank, and dry box fertilizer options

1100L/31bu seed capacity


Fixed the color to be correct Case International red

Adjusted the right Cyclo unit so the seed collecting tool is on the correct side of the drum

Adjusted work particles to be more realistic

Animated the Cyclo drums to turn when active

Added real turning lights facing forwards

Adjusted the Case International logo on the hitch to have an accurate white border

Added new fill volumes

Added improved AI

Fixed the ridge markers so that they don’t spin when folded

Fixed ridge markers so they spin in the correct direction

Added new sounds

Added a fully animated parking stand

Fixed turning signals

Adjusted hanging hoses so they don’t clip the ground

Changed dirt map on rubber objects so they don’t scratch

Adjusted parts of the 3D model to look better

Changed material of fertilizer tanks to be plastic

Fixed planting unit wheels to stay angled when lowered

Adjusted closing disks to stay oriented in the correct direction

Fixed folding animation so support bars stay in the correct place

Thank you for downloading, and please enjoy this iconic planter!

Rooster Mods

DOWNLOAD FS22_CaseIH_950Cyclo.zip – 42.0 MB

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