– Fixed taillights type 1 and 3
– Fixed warning signs
– Fixed spelling mistake in decals
– Added color choice for the structure

after a number of years I decided again to get the silage turntable ‘rolling’ again.
The model was created for the LS13 (yes, you heard that right!) And is of course getting on in years.
So please don’t expect miracles.

Have been done:
– converted from LS … well .. actually it comes fresh from Maya
– License plate selection including lighting installed
– small rim color choice
– Newly built distributor rollers
– New scraper floor
– Dynamic hoses installed
– small selection of wheels
– Up to 6 taillights can be selected (I couldn’t decide
– Built-in lock for easy maneuvering

It has a volume of 53m³ with a maximum permissible total weight of 29t and it can only load the fill types typical for silage wagons.
Have fun with it!

Faming-Freunde Chefkoch

DOWNLOAD FS22_FF_Briri_SiloTrans.zip – 5.6 MB

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