FS22 BP XERION TRAC VC 4500 5000 V2.1.0.0

Completely revised Xerion with swing axle and PRECISION FARMING. Engine revised Sound edited. Color choice discs in 3 colors, color choice: main, roof, frame and weights and much more.

Version 2.1.0
added precision farming,
fixed minor bugs

I, Bad-Piet, would like to offer you my completely revised Xerion with swing axle and PRECISION FARMING from the game for download.
My big thanks go to the modder “Otto” who kindly allowed me to use his i3d. to use model.
Fixed some small bugs.
Was changed:
Pendulum axle installed and precision farming installed.
engine speed adjusted to the original,
increased tensile load,
engine and horn sound changed,
Brake lights, daytime running lights, reversing lights installed.
Care.- and wide tires inserted,
Tape drives have been removed, comes in a separate vehicle (version 1.0.0 is already available here)
maintenance intervals extended,
Panes can be tinted in green, blue, brown,
13 matte colors (Bad-Piet) plus original colors inserted,
body, roof, frame, weights, rims can be colored separately,
I hope I haven’t forgotten anything essential and would appreciate feedback and ratings (positive as well as negative)
so and now off to the download and have fun with it.
All those who have my predecessor can simply overwrite the file.

Gigants, Otto, Bad-Piet

DOWNLOAD LS22_BP_Xerion_4500_5000.zip – 18.4 MB

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