FS22 BÖCKMANN MH-AL 4320 V1.0.2.3

Update or complete conversion to Simple IC.
qualli70 came up with this idea and was also involved in implementing everything. :thumbup:
All animations have been upgraded to Simple IC. Opening and closing with a button has been removed, as has the HoFFi toggleAnimation script.
Because Simple IC makes it superfluous.

It bothered me in the 19er that you couldn’t open the side walls individually and both sides could only be opened at the same time with MouseControl.
So I expanded the MouseControl and installed the script toggleAnimation from daHoFFi. Now you can control the side walls with a key assignment and select which side should be opened.
For SimpleIC users, it was additionally equipped with SIC.


DOWNLOAD FS22_MH_AL_4320.zip – 1.9 MB

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