FS22 BMW 3ER G20 V1.5.1.0

This vehicle has multiple configuration options, so perfect for RP!

Hotfixes for DBS4000

The following is available:
– Dashboard flashers: red-blue & blue
– Beacons: blue & orange
– low & high front flashers and rear flashers
– Police NRW Skin
– DBS 4000 with rear warning
– Horns
– Everything you need for Cobra 11

Cobra 11 Config:
Colour: Silver metallic (second row)
Dashboard flasher red-blue
deep front flashers
License plate type 2: K BM 3308

It is forbidden to upload this mod again or modified!
All rights available!

Required mods
Simple IC

Delta modding
TB.Simulations (Vehicle)
NoSA (DBS4000)
Jonas2203 (DBs & FBs)
RNE modding (DBS4000)
Chizack (Beacons)

DOWNLOAD FS22_BMW_3er_G20_2019.zip – 179.8 MB

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