A fictional region located in Europe, with a small town, a large lake, and a river running through the center of the map.

-Changed the decoration outside the map.
-Fixed floating objects.
-Removed the sheep pen that should not appear in the build options.
-Now some gates open at specific times.
-Adjusted sales values for the train, it has better prices, but the train rental is more expensive.
-Adjusted the visibility distance of some objects.

– 90 fields (0.21 ha to 11.38 ha).
– 125 buyable land.
– Various forest areas
– Stone quarry.
– A large lime deposit (can be loaded and sold)
– An area of greenhouses (production with seeds, fertilizer and water).
– A placeable liquid tank (water, milk, liquid fertilizer, herbicide and diesel).
– Buying stations (seeds, solid and liquid fertilizers, herbicide, lime, manure and liquid manure and animal feed).
– Sawmill and carpentry (with increased capacities).
– A flour factory (added corn and soybeans in the production of flour).
– 2 trains (one for the sale of products and another for general use with reduced rental cost).
– 5 points for loading the train.
– 2 railroad silos.
– BGA.
– Animal dealer.
– Custom vehicle store.
– Standard production chain.
– collectibles.
– Free water in the windmills.

Zero Oito

DOWNLOAD FS22_BlackRiverMap.zip – 504.2 MB

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