BigM with PTO shaft for switching on implements
Hello, everyone!
We at AM Modding have a revised BigM for you today.
There were already a few mods where you could turn on a baler, for example, where the PTO just hung down, but that just wasn’t enough for us.
We didn’t just settle for a dangling PTO, nor for a feature that just came out of nowhere.
We haven’t found a real BigM that has this feature either, so we thought about how it might work.
So we came to the decision to make an expensive conversion of €100,000 (see shop picture), which leads a PTO shaft to the rear via a deflection gear, where the devices can then also be connected to the PTO shaft.
Without this conversion you will not be able to switch on your baling press or loading wagon!
In addition, connections for the connecting hoses and a corresponding hose guide were added.
You can hardly see these changes from the outside, almost only from below, but we felt such details were important!
If you want to use a device with a ball head connection, the coupling will be exchanged automatically when it is coupled.

Summary changes:
– Configuration for PTO to turn on implements
– Connection hoses
– Ball head coupling and connection

We deliberately chose not to choose a color!
As always, if you don’t want it, don’t download it!

Sharing the mod is welcome.
The following applies: original link, no replacement link or direct download.
A link to the post at Forbidden-Mods.de is also possible.

AM Modding (Anteri0r, Munin666, Flocke)

DOWNLOAD FS22_AM_BigM.zip – 17.8 MB

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