Good morning,

After some waiting time here is the V1 of the Benz_NordWestMecklenburg map for FS22.

Many thanks to villaluthra and PHF who have contributed significantly to the new version. Thanks for that!


• Arable farming: Starting point adjusted, silo capacity increased & trigger widened, sleep trigger/workshop/washing area added, grain hall roller door & light fixed, farm petrol station now with function & sellable

• Dairy cattle system: Light & BaleTriggerStraw installed in the feeding alley, manure now spawns on manure plate, manure extraction at the pool behind the stable system, 3 manure silo extensions with function

• Build Menu: Added trees / plants / ground textures

• Added multi-terrain angles

• densityMap_stones (create stones) fixed

• License plate (square) adjusted

• Various warnings/errors of the placeables (halls, points of sale, WKA’s etc.) fixed

• Forest edges, Knicks, and Maprand optically adjusted

• Total MB count decreased

• Various other cosmetic adjustments

New points of sale:

• Lime/fertilizer/seeds at Ceravis

• Liquid fertilizer/herbicide at ATR Landhandel

• separate sale of grain and root crops at Ceravis and Landhandel

• Production goods at Gut Gamehl

• Animal traders at NaWaRo incl. liquid manure purchase

• Wood trade in Benz

Thanks to OscarZulu|Agro Pics Ost (new paving stone texture + animated liquid manure tarpaulin at dairy farm), R&V Daniel (fixed growth of summer grain in spring), Michi724 for the help with the WKA’s.

**Won’t Fix:**

missing field definition via field 53: belongs to field 43

Kuhhof: cowshed on the left as a decorative object, only the large stable complex on the right with a function

Fruit millet + point of sale for millet is missing – so wanted

In addition to other optimizations, the integration of the Precision Farming DLC ​​is for the future.

Do you have any questions or do you notice any bugs? Then join the MV Discord:


fuqser, Try, AxeDiamend, Colore, Mo6R, villaluthra, PHF

DOWNLOAD FS22_BenzNWM.zip – 1.4 GB

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