FS22 BDP-3 V1.0.0.0

Trailed disc harrow BDP-3.0 is designed for the development of primary plowing layers raised by shrub-bog plows on mineral and peat soils. Price: 3500€ Working width: 3 m Recommended power: 80 l/s Working speed: 10 km/h – Choice of basic color; – Choice of color of hydraulics; – Choice of rim color; – Dirty, there is wear; – The log is clean. P.S. For those who have an old version of the game, and the mod is not displayed, you need to change the value to 65 in the “modDesc.xml” file, in the descVersion=”66″ column. Or update the game to the latest version;)


DOWNLOAD FS22_BDP_3.zip – 8.2 MB

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