FS22 BDM 8X2PK V1.0.0.0

Trailed disc harrows are designed for loosening and soil preparation for sowing; destruction of weeds and crushing of crop residues; for pre-sowing soil preparation without preliminary plowing and tillage after harvesting thick-stemmed tilled crops.
The harrow is designed to work on soils with various physical and mechanical properties with a field surface slope of up to 10°, even and wavy microrelief, soil moisture up to 28%, soil hardness in the cultivated layer up to 3.5 MPa, height (length) of plant residues up to 25 cm.
The location of each disk on an individual axis, independent in-line adjustment of the angles of attack of the disks contribute to the improvement of the agrotechnical indicators of tillage, as well as to reduce the tractive effort of the tractor. The lack of a single axis for several discs eliminates the winding of plant residues and there is no need to use scrapers in the design. PM allows you to reduce the time of tillage by 2-3 times due to the four-row arrangement of disks, combining 3-5 operations in one pass.

Model: PM 8x2pcs
Price: 16842 €
Number of disc rows: 2
Working width: 8 m
Recommended power: 300 l/s
Working speed: 17 km/h


DOWNLOAD FS22_BDM8x2_Artayus.zip – 11.0 MB

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