Added English (en) translation file.

Added German (de) translation file.

Added French (fr) translation file.

Added Dutch (nl) translation file.

Added popup message when trying to enter menu when you are not an admin (only multiplayer).

Added option to Activate/deactivate repair/repaint/clean for every farm separately (only multiplayer).

AutoRepair keeps your vehicle healty.

+ Repairs your vehicle automaticly when it has damage.

+ Repaint your vehicle automaticly when it has worn out.

+ Clean your vehicle automaticly when it got dirty.

## How to use:

* When you place this mod in your fs22 mods folder, only auto repair is on by default.

* Press Left Alt + r key to acces the menu.

* Change the time interval when vehicles/tools needs to be checked.

* Activate/deactivate auto repair.

* Change at what damage percent a vehicle/tool get repaired.

* Activate/deactivate auto repaint.

* Change at what wear percent a vehicle/tool get repainted.

* Activate/deactivate auto clean.

* Change at what dirt percent a vehicle get cleaned.

## Multiplayer:

* You need admin rights to acces the settings menu

* You can use global settings for all farms or change by farm

This mod is made by me from scratch.

If you have any issues with the mod or anything related, please contact me on:



DOWNLOAD FS22_AutoRepair.zip – 22 KB

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