Autoloading pallet trailer

This is loosely based on the pro liner found in game, but this has been changed to have newer livery and more importantly can now automatically load items found in the Platinum Edition. Although this will work fine with the base game pallets, it can now also load pallets only found in the Platinum Edition. Metal, bowls, prefab walls, beams etc – Every item you can find in the Platinum Edition.

It has a huge capacity – 50,000 litres in autoload. It can also hold a number of different pallets and retain them with tension belts – you MUST have autoload off to have different pallets inside the trailer otherwise it will over-ride what you have saved in there. The autoload cardboard boxes are just skins, so you can load other pallets through the autoloaded items to maximise your carrying capability, although sometimes this may be difficult to see what you have, but once retained, your pulling vehicle will show what is being held in the back.

The trailer will auto unload at a selling station/production point that takes the stored resource (whether you own the production point or not).

Compatible with any comparable truck and with a dolly too.

This is the first Platinum Edition pallet loading trailer available. A quick note for other modders: If you want to know the fill types for Platinum Edition, you will struggle on the web. I found these by trial and error. Please feel free to either download the mod and look at the XML or message me for the fill types if required.


DOWNLOAD FS22_AutoloadingTrailer.zip – 22.3 MB

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