Welcome to Attingham Park
As a newcomer to agriculture and the area, you’ve got a job at the local BGA, which luckily has some equipment that you can use, but that comes at a price.
Can you be successful and work your way up to one of the available farms in the area or even build your own, the choice is yours.

Terrain height and field sizes correspond to real life
Real Map PDA
Precision farming ready with realistic soil map
Removeable hedge collisions (trigger in store).

47 Fields
2 Forestry areas
Water source at river crossing
Productions and sellpoints included in the map
Custom seasonal growth plan with Cotton and Sugarcane removed

Most things only work once the land has been bought Animals, silos etc.
Malthouse Farm – horses & pigs
Brompton Farmhouse – chickens and cows
Crossfields Dairy – cows and sheep
Atcham Fishing Club – hourly income when buying land


DOWNLOAD FS22_AttinghamPark.zip – 509.2 MB

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