FS22 AMAZONE PANTERA 4502 V1.0.2.0

Error fix, color URSUS_OLIVE1 removed, as this is no longer supported in the new version 1.3.

Since our mods unfortunately despite the sentence below continue to be uploaded here on Modhoster and due to the activation time it sometimes even comes to the fact that some mods were uploaded here by us and also still by other users, but the moderation of this site despite multiple messages does not act against it, it is with this Pantera the last mod uploaded by us here.
Further mods from us from now on only on ForbiddenMods, or on our website.
Normally the mods were always uploaded here by my colleague Anteri0rTTV (whose name, by the way, was not changed to AM Modding despite requesting it), this time I’m taking it over since I invested a lot of time in the Pantera.
Also, this pantera was already uploaded by another user before we did this.
Messages from the mod were ignored, the forum is unavailable, no response to the contact form and only a server error came back to the contact email.
As already hinted, this Pantera is the last mod from us on Modhoster!
If you still want to be sure that the mods are really from AM Modding, please visit us on ForbiddenMods, or on our website. https://am-modding.de/
This is the conversion of the LS19 Giants mod.
The Pantera has been adapted to the LS22, the lights work, the rear trailer hitch also works including the PTO (only if it is on top on the trailer!) and connecting hoses.
Additions to the Pantera include sounds when unfolding, selectable steering (front, rear, all-wheel) and a variable working width.
Number plates including license plate illumination (rear), as well as a rotating beacon configuration and color selection have also been added.
In addition, the position of the left arm has been corrected so that it doesn’t hang down.
And now have fun with the Pantera. 😉
Upload to other sites only with permission from us.

Modell: GIANTS
Textur: GIANTS
Script: Ifko[nator] – Shop Category
Idee / Konzept: AM Modding
Tester: AM Modding

DOWNLOAD FS22_AM__amazonePantera.zip – 12.2 MB

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