FS22 ABD 2.6 X 2H V1.0.0.0

Harrowing ABD 2.6×2 is intended for the destruction of weeds and crushing of crop residues, for pre-sowing tillage to a depth of 12 cm.
Aggregation of the implement is carried out by wheeled tractors of traction class 1.4 … 2.0, equipped with a working hydraulic system (MTZ-80, MTZ-82, MTZ-1221, etc.)

Model: ABD 2.6 x 2H
Price: $2870
Working width: 2.8 meters
Recommended power: 80 hp
Working speed: 12 km/h

Additional options:
– Color configuration of reflectors
– Color configuration (frame) – red, yellow, orange, purple, blue
– Decals configuration


DOWNLOAD FS22_ABD_2_6x2_RMT.zip – 10.7 MB

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