30′ (9.5 meter) Flatbed Trailer With Tipper and Logging Options
-The trailer frame, rims, tipper body, log forks, cover, and steel deck are all color selectable.
-The trailer has 4 different body configurations:
-Standard flatbed bale/transport trailer (cost $15,000).
-Tipper body without cover (additional cost $15,000).
-Add cover to tipper body (additional cost $1000)
-Log forks (additional cost $1,500).
-Can be configured as a flat hitch or a gooseneck trailer hitch.(cost $1,500).
-The gooseneck coupler and pintle hitch height is adjustable for different vehicles.
-A rear trailer hitch is also an option. (cost $100)
-The standard Lizard tires and rims are custom made.
-The trailer is equipped with ramps for loading and transporting small machinery.
-Custom painted dirt and wear textures.
-There are 2 different capacity configurations, standard (34,650 liters) and with body extention (41,400 liters – cost $2000)
-Can be configured with a wooden deck (cost $500) or steel deck which is standard.
-Can choose standard with ramps or to remove the ramps for a credit of $250.
-Added many different colors to choose from in addition to the standard ones.
-Rear work lights added.


DOWNLOAD FS22_flatBedTrailerCombo.zip – 14.9 MB

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