The Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2023 technical cousin of the Volkswagen Amarok 2023 (sharing chassis and interior)

Price: €40,000
Power: 247hp
Max speed: 120km/h
Capacity: 2,000L

– UDIM, wear and dirt textures
– Animated front and rear suspension
– Shop configuration – Pickup for loading pallets (Standard) and Pickup with tank for transporting liquids
– The liquid tank has a capacity of 2000 liters and can be filled with milk, water, slurry, digestate, liquid fertilizer and herbicide. When the tank is filled with herbicide or liquid fertilizer, the car can be used to fill the sprayers
– Choice of color
– Choice of rim color
– Choice of design color (interior)
– Functional dashboard. LED display shows ground speed, RPM, current time, fuel and engine temperature. Illuminated symbols on the dashboard, interior and door buttons.
– Realistic lights
– License plates
– The dumpster door can be opened with the “X” key or with the interactive control
-interactive control for the rear left door, the rear and front right door, indicators, lights, start, radio
– Enter animation – when you enter or exit the car, the driver’s door opens and closes
– Working windshield wipers with sound
– Automatic gearbox
– Animated pedals, gear lever and indicator lever
– Front support for snowplough – available for both configurations (Standard and 2000l capacity). You just need to approach the plow and attach it, then the front support will appear. After detaching the plow, the bracket will disappear.


DOWNLOAD FS22_Ford_Ranger_Wildtrak_2023.zip – 19.3 MB

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