FS22 2020 FORD F-350 V2.0

Update!! —-> (!!PC Only!!)

2020 Ford F-350 V2.0


~Fixed service body not changing color

~Added new colors for the bumper and the grill


-Brand: Ford

-Price: 49 000

-HP: 385


-Exterior Color

-Interior Color

-Bed Color

-Grill Color

-Bumpers Color

-Rim Color

3.Animations (via SimpleIC)

-All Doors


-Service Bed Doors

-Interior animations(pedals, needles,levelers, light switches and more)


-Custom wear/dirt for all parts including rims/tires

-Custom sounds

-Repair Trigger

-Tension Belts

-License Plates

-Passenger support (DOES NOT require Kubota DLC)

-SimpleIC support

5. Required mods:

Passenger Mod: https://sharemods.com/pmrynbd2qefq/FS22_SBT_PassengerMod.zip.html

SimpleIC: https://github.com/modelleicher/FS22_simpleIC

Changing config limit: https://www.kingmods.net/en/fs22/mods/changing-the-configuration-limit

Link: https://crownzilla.itch.io/fs22-2020-ford-f-350

My FB page: https://www.facebook.com/crownzilla911

if you want to support my work: https://paypal.me/Crownzilla911

Crownzilla’s Mods & Edits

DOWNLOAD FS22_2020_Ford_F350.zip – 96.3 MB

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