FS22 2019 FORD F650 FARM TRUCK V1.0.0.0

2019 Ford F650 Farm Truck
2 engine options 450HP and 550HP
6 speed Auto Transmission
Universal Passenger compatible in Multiplayer if using Kubota DLC

Left door opens using N and closes using J
Right door opens using Shift-N and closes using Shift-J
Trailer hitch adjusts up and down with M and K
Center Console Folds up and down using Shift-M and Shift-K
Toolboxes open using X

Fully animated interior with working gauge clusters and lighting
Addon fuel tanks and water tank that are attachable to flatbed. Will need a Strong Farmer mod or use a crane to lift addons onto flatbed.


DOWNLOAD F650Farmtruckunzipme.zip – 249.5 MB

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