FS22 2018 PETERBILT 567 V1.0.0.0

Here it is the 2018 peterbilt 567, i said i was gonna release it this week and a man sticks too his word. anyways the truck overall is done it’s still going to have more options and more wheel options in the future, and there is a problem with some of the lights in the front i cannot figure it out for some reason, if someone figures this out please tell me for next time and ill reupload it with the following changes. also the rear lights work converted mostly everything it’s in pretty good condition gauges on the inside work i’m definitely going to release a v2 since this truck is not done too my perspective anyways thank you for reading my paragraph if you have any questions/or a specific problem please comment or send me a message thank you and have a good day/night!

T3s9, Wolfi, SiSL, 50keda, SCSmodels, Natvander, DaStig, Sabr, Natvander, Wolfi, Carl1992, Seriousmods, The BarnModding, Kman, Michal.

DOWNLOAD FS22_2018Peterbilt567.zip – 66.9 MB

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