FS22 1973 FORD C600 AR FRAME V2.0

Update! —-> (!!PC Only!!)

1973 Ford C600 V2.0


~Minor bugs fixes and improvements

~New shorter 4×2 chassis added.

~Added compatibility for the D-745 attachments (ModHub mod)


-Brand: Ford

-Price: 12500

-HP: 275-450

2. Configurations:

-Cabin Color

-Rim Color



-Cab Lights

-Front Grill


-Extra Lights

Chassis configs:



-Rear Bar


3. Animations


-Hood (Cab tilt)

-Interior Animations (Pedals, needles,etc)

4. Others

-Custom wear/dirt and rust

-License plate

-Custom sounds


-Plow mount (Just drive close to the plow and it will attach)

5. Required Mods:

SimpleIC – https://github.com/modelleicher/FS22_simpleIC

Changing the configuration limit -https://www.kingmods.net/en/fs22/mods/changing-the-configuration-limit

AR Beds Pack – https://crownzilla.itch.io/fs22-ar-bed-pack


DOWNLOAD FS22_1973_Ford_C600_ARFrame.zip – 116.3 MB

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