FS22 1937 GMC TRUCK RUSTY V2.0.0.0

1937 GMC Truck Rusty – FS22 – By OKUSEDMODS
Hey all, this one is just for fun. I found a great raw scan by Renafox and decided to turn it into a usable truck for FS 22. Much like its sister, the Patina Princess, This beauty is no trailer queen, she’s a work horse! Throw some bails on top and strap them down! The truck is meant to feel warn some may say loved… but it gives it lots of character. I did custom engine sounds to give it that finely tuned sound, like you just found it in the woods and got it running… kind of!
The file size is large as raw scans are very high poly, that being said the log will have a warning about the size of the i3d file. The texture has some flaws… as I said… this one is strictly for fun, so just take it for what it is lol. With a working gate and bed straps it can do some serious work around the farm.

All credit for beautiful car body goes to Renafox

Category: cars
Price: 500-504
Fun: priceless

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We Hope You Enjoy It!

Thanks again for your support, you’re all OK in my book!

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DOWNLOAD OKUM_FS22_V2_Rusty37GMC.zip – 43.1 MB

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