FS19 PATCH 1.6.0

Fixed missing packets if the connection to dedi servers is very poor (eg. invisible vehicles) (1.6.0)
Fixed bale issues on dedicated server issues if “Pause Game If Empty” setting is active (1.6.0)
Added missing UI text for JCB 4220 (1.6.0)
Adjusted tire size of New Holland T8 (1.6.0)
Adjusted water trigger on Joskin AquaTrans 7300 (1.6.0)
Adjusted spawning hoses on JCB Fastrac 8330 between front and back implements (1.6.0)
Game now redirects players to update page instead of DLC purchase webpage for DLC updates (1.6.0)
Fixed PickUp wheel not moving on the New Holland Roll-Belt 150 (1.6.0)
Fixed decals on Challenger MT975E (1.6.0)
Fixed Speed Display on Steyr Terrus (1.6.0)
Adjusted max open angle of New Holland W190D tool (1.6.0)
Fixed missing sowing loop sounds on several basegame seeders (1.6.0)
Added activated mods and dlcs to logfile (1.6.0)
Fixed bale mounting on Fliegl Butterfly and Fliegl bale trailer (1.6.0)
Fixed possible crash on Intel IceLake CPUs (1.6.0)
Added recommended mods category to the inGame ModHub (1.6.0)


DOWNLOAD https://www.farming-simulator.com/updates.php?lang=en&country=cz

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