FS 15 Better Ponsse Scorpion KingS




Best two mods together in one, the best scorpion king
What’s changed:
-Weight reduced to a more realistic figure
-Rotation of the head horizontal and vertical cut.
-Suspension settings
-Cab levelling now works
-Cutting changed to 7 metres

MyloLehmann,Model, textures, sounds by Giants Tweaked by theSeb Many thanks to LeChatNoirCynique for his hints and help regarding stability and the cab self-levelling


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12 Responses

  1. gombart says:

    le lient me dis no fil pourquoi ?

  2. gombart says:

    le lient me dis no fil pourquoi?

  3. gombart says:

    le lient me dis no file

  4. links broken! Really want to try this 😉

  5. gombart says:

    sa veux dire quoi les lient brisés

  6. kristaps says:

    this links or the website is not working.

  7. Linkan says:

    How do i tilt the head to horizontal mode? Please send the controlls

  8. Andrè says:

    I am looking for instructions on how to install mods where to put the files ???
    I tried everything but I can not make the change !

  9. Alguem says:

    Pls fix the bug with suspensions.
    The scorpion doesnt stop jumping

  10. barek says:

    bardzo fajna strona wystarczy umiec wypakowywac

  11. zack says:

    these mods are awesome. i Run a ponsse ergo full time and love this game. bit I have really been waiting for someone to do more to the actual harvester head itself. for example in real life you can obviously run the feedrollers both forwarded, backwards and fast and slow the use the saw whenever you want.
    for instance, it would be awesome if this is what you had to do to cut down trees in the game.
    – tilt head up (should be set up as one button so when you press and hold the head tilts up and you let go it tilts down)
    -open knifes and rollers
    -reach out and grab tree and desired cutting height
    -close knives and rollers
    -release tilt up button
    -saw button
    -manually feed to desired cut length
    although this may seem like more work, it is how it is in real life so it would be more realistic and much more fun to use. thanks

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