Ingame brought as a Mod
new wheels missed (who wants to drive wheels with drop center across the field)
Bull catcher, number plates, rotating beacon and Ford emblems installed.
It can both trailer types are appended.
adapted scheme

The attached parts are also dirty with the new DirtShader.
Who does not like the flashing lights they may like to remove in the Ford_Pickup.xml.
Then you just delete or animals come out the code as it appears below.
It’s also installed a second DIV that becomes visible when you edit the 2nd line and the labeled red
sign deletes.

Giants, Andy1978


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8 Responses

  1. Clifton says:

    That truck is a Dodge Ram, not a Ford…..

  2. Cdog says:

    Could someone PLEASE take the POS Ford symbols off this sweet DODGE RAM, PS the person who put the ford symbols on this truck needs to look around and see that it is not a FORD

    ps take this truck post down and replace it with an ACTUAL DODGE

  3. Kevin says:

    Someone needs to really fix this.. that is not a ford… Its a dodge ram with a ford symbol..

  4. TimZoneX says:

    It’s a fucking Dodge Ram with a Ford logo! How sick! Ruin man’s beauty like that. Poor Dodge…

  5. Johnny says:

    Sweet yute mate!

  6. Austin says:

    Add a fifth-wheel hitch to it. It’s not a bad mod but a fifth-wheel hitch would be great

  7. sam324 says:

    It’s not a ford its a dodge just cuz the ford badge is on the grill doesn’t make it a ford u can tell by the body it isn’t wht it says it is some1 needs to fix this mod big time

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