Fendt Vario 936V3SCR


* Handling
* IC control (door, rear window, roof hatch and front lower link)
* Tire storage
* Tire tracks
* Adjusted weight
* The joystick is now animated
* Fixtures are illuminated partly
* Farmer directs now slower and also pushes joystick
* New sound
* Rmp display
* Speed Display
* Driveshafts front all animated again
* The one wheel no longer wobbles
* After 5-10 min a reverse fan starts (sound)
* Fenders fold again if a is deflected
* Door and warning signs can be opened from the outside
* Mp capable

Surrealchrash,Fruktor, 924power
Edit: kesukas


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5 Responses

  1. vlada says:

    F – Light – GAME CRASH!!! 🙁

  2. josh says:

    Troubles and concerns
    1. Textures – the textures aren’t that great, id like to see the vehicle clean and not dirty
    2. Dirt system – it dont get dirty as you use it because the textures make it look dirty.
    3. Mirrors – reflecting mirrors.

    Good things 😀
    1. first immersive vehicle ive used, i accually like first person view and the opening windows and door buttons.

    1. Try and make an animation of you climbing the steps, opening and closing the door and sitting down.
    That would be AWSOME.
    2. do more animations, they are an awsome touch.
    3. do more vehicles like a harvestor.

    Hope this was helpful

  3. Rens says:

    Is the file removed?
    When I want to download the file it says “no file”.

  4. Stefan says:

    Good job. Could make it less jumping? I think setting dampers to 50 should fix this. What about more power? Can you make some chip tuning ?

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