FENDT VARIO 1046 V1.0.0.0

This is my fendt 1000 imitation of SNC JACQUEL with a lot of configurations and animations, I hope you will like it.

Thank you for respecting my work and the link and do not hesitate to report me any bugs or problems that I did not

see during the tests and of course an update will be available to correct them.

– full IC
– animated motor
– added led on the grille and cabin lights
– compatible with passenger mod
– agribumper configurations
– signaling configurations
– 3 configurations of beacons
– configurations of roof decorations
– 1 different horn sound for each configuration (horn)
– several tire configurations
– Trelleborg, Michelin, mitas, nokian
– vario grip
– Price: 420,000 €
– Power: 517 horses


DOWNLOAD FS19_FendtVario_1000_SNC_JACQUEL_.zip – 38.8 MB

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