Hello friends of the halfway cultivated modding.

I was so free and once made a 600 LS by Fendt,
Of course, from old parts that someone else supposedly belong.
If the one who owns this mod feels deprived, he should tell me and I will delete the mod and he will forever run only privately on my computer, unreachable for other passionate players a pity.

The LS19 is just around the corner and I have no desire for these new-fangled AdBlue mopeds with joystick and stepless transmission, furthermore, the modding scene anyway only with people tainted the feast of their imaginary property
which is useless in case of power failure anyway.

I am also very bothered by this one-sided modding, for example
a tug is modded by modder X with wide tires
then Modder Y takes the tug and makes it pink.
What shoud that ?
Where are the Schlüter 850, Hanomag B12,
Deutz D15, Fendt Farmer, Eicher Tiger etc.usw.usw.

Sorry I’m vague.

Fendt Favorit 600LS 85hp

Standard functions
Care wheels
Gearbox installed
Fronthydr. Album only
Power increase buyable 102 hp

The mod has some errors that I know please take this as an incentive to improve. I myself am a player of the first LS hour and modder but absolutely not the best.
So have fun with it, so that we all could have fun at the LS.

Thanks to all the modders who made this game so fantastic, which the manufacturers apparently can not, thank you.


DOWNLOAD Fendt_600LS.zip – 14.8 MB

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