99% of all credits for creating this mod go to Stevie! However, i did some fine tuning for my personal use and some friends said i should share it so here you have it. If you don’t like it?!, remove the mod please!

Enough power to haul 1000 tons of kaft. The downside is that it accelerate fast when empty. I was looking for a solution but can’t find it sadly. If you know how without changing maxspeed and toque, please let know in the comments.

No rear axle suspension
Front axle more flexible, more realistic, more confort.
Tyres and wheels hight increased so that they fit the wheelcovers. Rearaxle replaced slightly. Frontwheels moved inside a little.
Tyres slightly less wider. Thanx to Stevie you can chose out of 2 sets of width. For me they were too wide. Now both sets look close to realistic.
Max forward and backward GearRatio changed for higher pullpower from stillstand.
More total mass and tyre mass for better grip with heavy loads.

Maybe i forgot something.
99% of all credits go to Stevie modding. WHAT a MOD! Thank you Stevie. Enjoy, greetings Lifeliner

Credits go to Stevie Modding! I only addited the mod a little. Greetings and respect to Stevie, Lifeliner

DOWNLOAD fs19_1000variofbystevie_Edit_By_Lifeliner.zip – 18.6 MB

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