Feed Storage Addon V 1.0.1

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Animal Feed Storage addon for Bjorn Holm Map 1.0 V.
You can now store Grass, Straw, Silage, MixRation, Chaff and Extra Solid Manure Cow near by area.
simply add mod file in game mods folder.
As soon as i get working silo conveyors, than i upload v 1.1

Texture from GIANTS Software
Assemble by Sk_Jatala

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4 Responses

  1. Nighthawk1983 says:

    No file!

  2. Electromech says:

    Is this the same than 1.0? The version number is different but it’s the exact same description…

  3. Snorriebeer says:

    Really wanted this to work…but it doesn’t 🙁 Uploaded to the game just fine, and I managed to fill the barns with a tipper. However, there’s no way I can get my stuff out again 🙁 Tried scooping it with a frontloader but it just seems as if I hit rock.

  4. Aryan says:

    doesn’t work, it does not show up in the mod section ..

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