-Brand specific color choice for front loader, body and rims
-Large range of tires from the Trelleborg, Michelin, Mitas and Nokian brands
-Model was completely divided in Maya and assembled in the object construction method
-Hatch windows and skylights can be controlled with the mouse, the left door can be opened with the X key
-In the shop you can choose between no RuL, RuL links, RuL right, RuL on both sides
-The RuLs are in the game via the key N foldable
-Power and professional variant in the shop in the motor configuration possible
-Realer engine was installed
-Grill was made transparent (with still a problem as mentioned above)
-Desing Line selectable, plus a matching exhaust trim in chrome
-Front loader selectable
-Joystick has been animated

Giants Software GmbH Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de Basismodell: Xylonius (Freigabe erhalten) Reifen: Dani-86 Projekt Umsetzung: Lukas2002 (FBM) Tester: Team FBM

DOWNLOAD FBM19_FendtVario700.zip – 7.3 MB

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