Farm City V 1.0




It came add new outlets (butcher, sugar factory, composting)
the cow pasture and sheep pasture (with a new sheepfold) were placed on the farm, cows and sheep are now among others. be supplied with water.

The BGA has been replaced (two bunkers), a slurry store has been installed above the farm.

Many new trees were planted and there are a couple of additional storage facilities have been added for your vehicles (partly from LS13).

Only the standard fruits available, if there should be a further version will probably also other fruits find their way on this map.

For the removal of the pigs and cattle you need an extra trailer to then be brought to the butcher.
It is enough Grasfläsche vohanden add to this as it may Placeable mods.

The Giants model “cowshed” were equipped with a AnimationMapTrigger of VertexDezign and windows, the large garaging Hall of Giants scored window panes.
This was done by myself and not get copied from other maps !!!
(This can also be used (Blender work files)) !!!

The Farm_City_Mod.rar file should be unpacked and moved its contents into the mod folder / copied.
The additional mods are necessary so that the game is not handicapped, also the AnimationMapTrigger of VertexDezign is still needed. (This can be downloaded at Modhoster)

Since I only solo play, I can not say whether this map also works in multiplayer.

Since this is my first self umbebaute map, of course, errors may have crept in, if so,
then I ask you to PM me (exactly where the error is and how is presented of errors) to send.

The map has been extensively tested and the log is error-free!

You need the patch 2.1

Map: Giants
WasserMod,Schweinemast/Rindermast V3.2.7: Marhu
Güllelager LS15: Andy1978
Schafstall: power74de
Zuckerfabrik Nordzucker: El Cid
Balestorage v 1.2: HenkieNL
Straßenschilder Set v 3.3.1: Nick98.1
Forgotten Plants_Texturen: Eribus
AnimationMapTrigger: VertexDezign
BGA V1.1: Steinklopfer
Fleischer V1.2: möchtegernbauer/Pandahma
Compost Master ModPack LS15: Farmer_Andy/Andy1978/Marhu
Förderband für Hackschnitzel v 1.1: mariodieck
Lagerhalle v 1.0: mariodieck


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