– Power: 285 / 340 hp;

– Speed: 120/220 km/h;

– Gooseneck hitch;

– Cost: 45000€ Basic Price;

– Color selection;

– Choice of interior color;

– Rim color selection;

– Multiple design configurations;

– Engine configuration;

– License plate configuration;

– Animated, Windows, pedals, Gooseneck hitch, Trunk

– Working lighting equipment;

– Working mirrors;

– Leaves traces;

– Gets dirty and washes;

– Weight configuration;

– Gooseneck hitch Animated (mouse button)

– Wheels rise up and down (mouse button)

–I added the new array of textures created by me (Camouflage wrap, Carbon, Flames, Metallic Paint Flakes )

–Changelog Update V1.2.0.0 .

–Added animated suspension.

–Added Snow plow hitch (compatibility with FS22_HD_SnowPlowPack)

– Added support to carry all types of crops – Capacity: 2000 L.

–Do not use a winch configuration with tuned bumpers, it has its winch

–This mod will receive further updates!

_Is strictly forbidden to edit and publish this mod without my approval!

Edward`s Modding

DOWNLOAD EDM_Fs22_JeepGladiatorRubicon2023.zip – 106.3 MB

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